In My Experience: Featuring Buck Green

We sat down with Facilities and Security Administrator Buck Green, our newly elected DI Committee chairman, to get a glimpse into his dedication to advance the principles of diversity and inclusion and learn about his goals for 2023.


So Buck, what do diversity and inclusion mean to you and why they are important in our work place?

If I were to break down the words, I would say that diversity to me is a representation across a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. When we can connect and engage with co-workers with different perspectives than our own, we can more successfully achieve our overall goals. Inclusion for me refers to a sense of belonging in any environment. Employees in inclusive workplaces feel comfortable sharing their unique ideas and perspectives because they can sense that their differences are respected and appreciated. We are fortunate that our leadership supports a culture of inclusiveness.

In your opinion, what is the most rewarding aspect of being part of the DI Committee? What are the most challenging?

To me, rewards and challenges are the same. Diverse teams, like our DI Committee, tend to “drive” relevant outcomes, which can be highly rewarding, but equally as challenging. That “drive” or debate, that can come with differing perspectives, pushes everyone to think and work harder. Within our committee, discussions can become uncomfortable, but never judgmental. When someone says something that challenges me, instead of saying or thinking, “that can’t possibly be,” because of the relationships that I’ve developed within the committee, I tend to respond or genuinely think, “tell me more about that. I haven’t experienced that. I’d like to learn.” But then again, I am a former fourth-grade teacher, so opportunities to learn are important to me.

What will be your approach to understanding the perspectives of colleagues from different backgrounds?

Actually, I don’t plan to do anything different from what I did prior to becoming chairman. Whether it’s my supervisor or one of my colleagues, I try to take the time to get to know everyone I’m working with on a personal basis. I do this by being as attentive as possible in casual settings like passing in the hallway or waiting for the elevator to connect on a personal level. I like to know what matters to them outside of work, what drives their engagement at work, the values they hold and why. In my experience, this is a start to building relationships. When differences of opinion arise, that relationship may make it easier to understand one another and work through potential differences of opinions or conflicts.

You’ve been part of the DI Committee since its inception in 2020. As the new chairman of the committee how will you use your strengths and background to advocate for diversity and inclusion with your co-workers who may not understand their importance?

As I mentioned early, creating opportunities for our employees to get to know each other on a more personal basis is a foundation for building relationships and ultimately trust. I learned this firsthand on the football field at the Naval Academy and in the trenches as a Navy SEAL and the power this can have. Our DI Committee has been the perfect vehicle to create opportunities to build workplace relationships, like hosting our recent “Friendshipgiving” Celebration; offering quarterly roundtable discussions; and coordinating activities for all of us to have a day of fun, like the Juneteenth Run and the Hispanic League’s Fiesta. A personal goal of mine is to have more co-workers attend our events and activities, so that more of us are benefiting from DI practices personally and professionally.

More about Buck:

Buck Green is our Facilities and Security Administrator. He has been with PACU for nearly five years. Prior to joining PACU, Buck was a fourth-grade teacher, a position he held for four years. He also is a former Division I student-athlete standout as a tight-end with the U.S. Naval Academy. Upon graduating from Navy, Buck served our country honorably as a Navy SEAL, where he was a member of the Special Forces. SEAL is an acronym for Sea, Air and Land. “I’ve always aspired to break social norms. People are surprised when they learn a former Navy SEAL became a fourth-grade public school teacher. I also like country music and play golf almost every day. That’s me.”

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