Piedmont Advantage Prepaid Cards Program consists of two types of cards, gift and reloadable. Both cards are a smart way to control your money.

Our gift and reloadable prepaid cards are safer than cash and easy to use virtually anywhere debit cards are accepted. They're a viable alternative to credit and debit cards.

Prepaid Card Benefits:

  • Safer than cash. As with our debit and credit cards, our gift and reloadable prepaid cards come with the best fraud detection and deterrence features in the financial industry. Chip cards are difficult to duplicate and geared to give you an additional layer of protection from fraud.
  • Less risk of overspending. Prepaid cards offer less risk of overspending than credit and debit cards.  Prepaid cards limit spending to no more than the card balance. Therefore, there are no overdraft fees.
  • Easy to use and reload. Though funding is different, prepaid cards work just like our credit and debit cards. With our reloadable prepaid cards, members can reload their cards in a variety of ways, including online, by mobile app and in-person. (Gift cards are not reloadable.)
  • Secure alternative form of payment. You may be wary of using your credit or debit cards in all situations for privacy and security reasons. Our gift and reloadable prepaid cards offer an additional level of anonymity and protection when needed or desired.

If you're a parent, our reloadable prepaid cards are an effective financial management resource for your children to experience first-hand the basics of budgeting and spending control. 

  • Personalized Card. As the primary cardholder, you can personalize up to four secondary cards for your family members, including children. This personalized feature reinforces the responsibility associated with using this card.
  • Parental Control. As the primary cardholder, only you can load value to the card. Youth cannot overspend, so if you decide to add additional funds to the card, a teachable moment may arise. 

Get started today based on your preference, gift card or reloadable prepaid card!

Please read carefully the terms and conditions for each of our Prepaid Cards Program offerings:

Headquartered in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and founded in 1949 within the aviation industry, Piedmont Advantage Credit Union (PACU) serves member-owners, who reside, work, worship, attend school or operate a business in one of the six counties it serves in North Carolina or who are employed by one of its many employer companies. These six counties are Davie, Forsyth, Guilford, Iredell, Mecklenburg and Rockingham.

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