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MoneyY-Zer is PACU Youth Program's financial learning series where children and teens in grades K-12 take a financial journey to learn how and why to save; budget; manage and invest money; and avoid frauds, scams and predatory lending practices in the future.


MoneyY-ZER financial education activities are free and can vary in length of time depending on the age-group and location.  Activities range between 20 to 25 minutes for children and between 40 to 60 minutes for teens.

Each activity listed below comes with a guide that includes a topic description, key financial terms and learning objectives.

Grades K-5

  • What is Money?
  • What Costs Money?
  • Banking on Treats
  • Wants versus Needs
  • Doubling a Penny or $100

Grades 6-8

  • Middle School Money Trivia
  • Credit Card: Friend or Foe?
  • Let's Talk about Credit
  • Spending Decisions
  • What's Your Net Worth?

Grades 9-12

  • High School Money Trivia?
  • How Does Credit Work?
  • What's Your Net Worth?
  • Can You Read a Credit Card Statement?
  • Investing Versus Gambling
  • Frauds, Scams and Predatory Lending Practices

The Pay Check : Because real money isn't a game

The Pay Check is an interactive financial education simulation for middle and high school students, because real money isn't a game

Students are assigned a personal profile with an occupation, education level, income, marital status, if they have good credit or bad credit.  With their profile in hand, students visit various stations to discover challenges they may face if they have made poor financial decisions early on in life.

After participating, many students say they have a better appreciation of what their parents may face in meeting monthly expenses.

If you are ready to schedule a workshop or activity for your students or request our Mascot's presence at your next event/pep rally, fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible. 

Pitched idea leads to the launch of a youth program

Jobana Semones (left) never thought her idea for PACU to adopt a mascot would lead to the launch of a youth program. President & CEO Dion Williams (right) thought otherwise.

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