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Life moves pretty fast. Interest rate shifts. Stock market surges. Rising healthcare costs. The news that affects your personal finances can move fast. Our Advantage Insights blog posts offer the type of information you'll need to make smart financial decisions for you and your family. By staying in the know, you can take steps to make your life easier.

Important financial decisions come up at many points throughout your life. Whether you are looking to save your hard-earned cash, buy a house or purchase a car, you must first decide which financial institution to trust with your money. Before considering specific institutions, you should also understand the differences between banks and credit unions and determine which best meets your needs. Piedmont Advantage Credit Union outlines some of the primary differences to help you compare.

Teaching kids about money can be a challenge. They may think you have an endless supply of cash and may not understand the value of money. In North Carolina, financial literacy is about average, which means there’s always room to learn more. Teaching financial literacy for kids will not only help your children appreciate what you give them, it will also provide them with a basis for a successful financial future. Here are some simple money lessons for both children and teens from Piedmont Advantage Credit Union to help your kids grow up into financially responsible adults.

Timing, they say, is everything. Being in the right place at the right time can make all the difference in finding your soulmate. Saying the right thing at the right time can help you ace a job interview. And shopping for a certain product or service at just the right time can mean dozens—or hundreds or thousands—of dollars in savings.

With the price of food (and nearly everything else) going up, it’s becoming harder to grocery shop without spending a fortune. Overall, food prices have been steadily increasing and are expected to rise 1-2% over the next year, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. To help you get the most out of your grocery shopping budget, Piedmont Advantage Credit Union has rounded up three tips to make your trips to the grocery store a little more affordable, while still keeping your stomach happy.

With age comes more responsibility and larger expenses. It’s important to begin saving in your 20s or even sooner to have more financial flexibility in the future and ultimately fulfill your goals. Whether you want the extra financial flexibility to travel, buy a home or even further your education, developing a good savings plan in your 20s could be the key.

With our world becoming increasingly more reliant on technology and the internet, every single day we make decisions about whether to do things “behind our screens” or “in real life.” Whether it is shopping for a new pair of shoes, catching up with an old friend or even banking, there are options available to do all of these things at the convenience of your fingertips.

Although your retirement may seem like light years away, it’s wise to create a retirement budget and work with a financial advisor to determine if you’re on track. Why? Only two out of three workers feel confident about having enough money during retirement, with only 17% feeling very confident according to the 2019 Retirement Confidence Survey. They also found that today’s workers feel behind in retirement savings and are planning on working longer to make up for it. To help you prepare for this important life milestone, here are our tips on how to create a retirement budget.

If you’ve been paying your mortgage for a while, you’ve probably built up some equity in your home. Maybe you’ve heard of a home equity line of credit or home loan, but you might not understand why it would be an option for you. At Piedmont Advantage Credit Union, we’ve put together an intro to home equity and how you can use it to finance your life events.

What do car accidents, house fires, and layoffs all have in common? They’re all unexpected, uncontrollable, and urgent life events that occur in our world every day. What you can control about these situations is the emergency money you save to prevent these situations from having a negative impact on your financial status.

An emergency savings fund is a safety net that can help cover unexpected expenses without breaking your budget or taking on debt. Emergency savings are meant to be kept separate from your other long-term savings goals and only used in case of an emergency.

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