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How to have the Best Summer without Busting your Budget


Summer’s here, school’s out, and vacation is around the corner! You want to make this the best summer yet. Trouble is, the costs for all that fun can add up and sink your savings’ goals in the process. The good news is that with a little planning, you and your family can enjoy all that summer has to offer, without busting your budget. For example:


  1. Visit your favorite vacation spots during the off-season.

Believe it or not, most people vacation in the winter months to escape the cold weather. Hit up the tropics over the summer and you will most likely find better, more affordable deals. Just be ready for the heat!


  1. Buy a Package Trip.

Most feel hesitant about these, but they are actually a big money saver! When considering a last-minute getaway, travel packages that combine flights, hotel, and sometimes meals, can be the best deals out there. The key is to be flexible on where and when to go.


  1. Try out Camping!

If you stock up on all of the newest gear, even camping can be expensive, but many outdoor retailers rent all the basic equipment you’ll need for a campground getaway. Some even offer free workshops to show you the ropes of pitching a tent and using a cook stove. Take up fishing and save even more on meals while you enjoy the great outdoors.

North Carolina is a great place for camping all the way from the mountains to the coast.

Mountain Region Campgrounds:

  • Cheoah Point Campground, Nantahala National Forest
  • Crabtree Falls Campground, Blue Ridge Parkway
  • Davidson River Campground, Pisgah National Forest
  • The list goes on!

 Click here for the “10 Best Campgrounds in the North Carolina Mountains”

            Coastal Region Campgrounds:

  • Hammocks Beach State Park, Topsail
  • Roanoke River Platform Sites
  • Carolina Beach State Park
  • The list goes on!

 Click here for “Camping on the North Carolina Coast”


  1. Travel to your Backyard…or the Comfort of your own Home.

There are ways to save money and time by taking a ‘vacation’ in your very own home.

  • Camp in your backyard! This is a great way to get your younger children involved that may not be ready to go on a full camping excursion.
  • Roasting hotdogs & marshmallows! Family time alert! This is a great way to make an evening special and spend time in the outdoors. (This pairs really well with backyard camping).
  • Spa Day. Self-care is a vacation in itself! Take time to relax, take a bath, wear a facemask, read a book, and just enjoy your own company at home.


  1. Party! Party!

Literally, have fun! There are a number of ways where you can save money and spend time with your friends and family.

  • Make a potluck! Backyard barbeques are a summer staple, but when you’re footing the bill for everybody’s burgers, sides, drinks and desserts, the tab can run a little high. Next time you play host, ask each of your guests to bring something. Most people love to pitch in on a party, and even non-cooks can help by bringing things like soft drinks, ice, and disposable dinnerware.


Now, what’s your next step before the best summer yet? There are three ways Piedmont Advantage Credit Union can provide resources and services to fit your needs.

  • Applying for a personal loan. You have the freedom to use the money as you see fit, knowing it's going to give you the breathing room you're looking for.
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  • Need help creating a budget for the summer? Click here to calculate a budget that works best for you.


Happy summer, safe travels and happy savings!

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